The original Boosted line has 6 flavors:

Boosted tastes like strawberry milk
Anti-Lag tastes like blueberry, strawberry, watermelon, & whipped cream
B.O.V. tastes like a complex tropical fruit medley
Wastegate tastes like raspberry cheesecake
Intercooler tastes like cranberry-apple with a hint of creamy frosting
Rear Diff tastes like pumpkin spice

The new RestoMods line has 3 flavors:

The '37 is Pineapple Apple Pie
The '55 is Blueberry Cream
The '66 is Guava Pastry

The Final Boosted Flavors

Boost Day Cake: birthday cake with vanilla ice cream
Boosted Breakfast: fruity breakfast cereal with milk, topped with sliced strawberries
Chocolate Covered Boosted: strawberry milkshake of original Boosted, redesigned with milk chocolate undertones
Betty Boo: combines the fruity deliciousness of Betty (by Pinup Vapor) with the classic Boosted cream (collaboration with Pinup)
Turbo Roar: lemon custard (collaboration with THRST)
Chata: standalone horchata flavor